Cookies policy

In fulfillment of that stipulated in the article 22.2 LSSI, Colectivos VIP website will only use storage devices and data recovery ('Cookies') with the user’s prior authorization.

This website, just as most on the inetrnet, use cookies to improve the user’s experience. Below, you will find information about what are cookies and what are they used for in this website. If you cannot find a specific information, please contact us

For more specific information about personal data management by suing cookies or other identification mechanisms, please read our privacy policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that some platforms, like our website, can install in the browser on your computer, smaprtphone, tablet or connected televisión. It has different functions: store your browsing preferences, collect statistic information, allow certain technical functions, etc. Occasionally, cookies are used to collect basic information about the user’s browsing habits and in some cases, it recognizes it.

How do we use cookies?

When you browse our website there are two types of cookies can be installed:

Performance improvement cookies

These types of cookies save your preferences for certain tools or services so you do not have to reconfigure them each time you visit our portal and, in some cases, can be provided by third parties.

Statistic analysis cookies

These allow us to quantify the number of visitors and statistically analyse the use that our users make of our services. As a result, we can analyse the navigation on our website and improve the offer of products or the services that we offer.

This analysis is made using tools provided by third parties such as Google Analytics.

Log cookies

When you log into our website, it generates cookies that identify you as a registered user and when you visit the website.

These cookies are used to identify your user account and the services associated with it. They are kept as long as you do not log out, close the browser or turn off the device.

Third party cookies

In some of our websites, third party cookies can be installed that allow to manage and improve the offered services.